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Diploma of Fitness

Certificate, Diploma and Short Courses


  • certificate3

    Certificate III in Fitness

    If you’re thinking about a career in Fitness your Certificate III in Fitness is a great platform to boost your knowledge and skills. With a Certificate III in Fitness you’ll be able to plan and deliver a variety of gym and fitness programs along with healthy eating guidelines whilst being able to work in a sports and recreation environment.

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  • cert4_800_wide

    Certificate IV in Fitness

    Personal Training careers are high-energy and fun with no two days the same! Motivate your clients to achieve success to help improve their health, fitness and overall lifestyle goals.  As a Personal Trainer you’ll be able to create your own work hours outside the standard 9-5 work routine and you can expect to be busy training clients morning and…

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  • cert4-PT-800_wide

    Certificate IV in Fitness – Complete Personal Trainer

    In order to become a Personal Trainer you must complete your Certificate IV in Fitness. With the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers you can complete this course with different levels of face-to-face interaction. We offer four unique training options which include Master Academy, Fast Track, Fitness Fundamentals or Flexible Mentoring. You can find your local campus or mentor…

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  • cert4-TAE-800_wide

    Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE)

    If you’re looking for a new challenge you may have considered becoming an educator allowing you to share your passion for Fitness with the next generation of Personal Trainers. Teaching students is a very rewarding career allowing you to mentor and guide students throughout their course to help them understand content matter and graduate in a career they are…

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  • dip-bus-face-to-face-800

    Diploma of Business – Face-to-Face

    Business is Business and in today’s highly competitive market business skills are pivotal to making sure you succeed. May it be for your Personal Training business or anything else in your life, setting up sound business skills are key for your personal development plus it’s going to give you a set up on the competition.

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  • dip-fit-800_wide

    Diploma of Fitness

    Being a Specialist Exercise Trainer will advance your career to the next level. With a Diploma of Fitness you’ll have the opportunity to work specifically in high-performance training arenas and with clients who have specific medical conditions. Working alongside the allied health sector you’ll be able to extend your skills to unparalleled heights which can be very rewarding both…

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  • dip-biz-800_wide

    Diploma of Business

    Business is Business and in today’s highly competitive market business skills are pivotal to making sure you succeed. May it be for your Personal Training business or anything else in your life, setting up sound business skills are key for your personal development plus it’s going to give you a set up on the competition.

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  • dip-man-800_wide

    Diploma of Management

    Now that you have mastered your own role you may be eager to climb the corporate ladder and thinking what’s my next step? Perhaps it’s a future leader in a Management role. Taking on a management role means new challenges, increased responsibility and more money! In order to prepare you for this role studying a Diploma of Management will…

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  • dip-hrm-800_wide

    Diploma of Human Resources Management

    Being a Human Resource specialist takes a tremendous amount of skill to be able to juggle the various components that are linked to managing our human capital. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in – Human Resources has never been more vital. A career in Human Resources involves managing the human capital in an organisation to ensure staff…

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  • dip-pm-800_wide

    Diploma of Project Management

    Manage a project from start to finish and gain a complete understanding of how to accomplish tasks within small initiatives to large scale implementation with success. A Personal Trainer designs and delivers exercise programs for individuals and small groups. They possess a wide range of fitness-specific knowledge to provide appropriate exercise programs to their clients to help them…

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  • dip-whs-800_wide

    Diploma of Work Health and Safety

    With a Diploma of Work Health and Safety you’ll develop the skills to help minimise illness and injury in the workplace ensuring people have a safe working environment. Workplace health and safety laws are adopted by every workforce and the demand for safety staff has never been so important. It’s the role of Safety Officers and Managers to have…

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Short Courses

  • speed-800

    Speed Agility and Quickness Training

    This course is designed for exercise professionals looking to build their profile within the market with clients who are looking to boost their performance in any sport from social to professional level.

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  • sc-business-development

    Business Development for the Fitness Professional

    This is a great course designed for fitness professionals eager to maximise lead generation through the basic principles of marketing and business development.

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  • cert3

    Cardio for Sports Performance

    This course will give you the specific tools required to understand basic cardiorespiratory assessments and, more importantly, to design unique performance enhancement cardio training programs through the use of stage or interval training for both recreational and competitive sporting clients.

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  • sc-basketball

    Corrective Exercise for Basketball

    This course is specific to coaches and trainers who are looking to further increase their knowledge of the scientific approach to corrective exercise for basketball and similar sports.

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  • sc-golf-fitness

    Golf Fitness

    This course is designed specifically for golf professionals and enthusiasts, and provides you with an array of information and exercise instruction that utilises human movement science and golf- specific assessment and training methods to improve many facets of you or your clients’ golf game.

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  • sc-mma

    MMA Conditioning

    This course has been designed using the most advanced conditioning techniques and exercises that MMA fighters use to get into world-class shape. You will gain a distinct advantage in the market by transforming your clients’ conditioning to unparalleled heights.

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  • sc-womens-fitness

    Women’s Fitness

    This course will give you the tools to train and advise your female clients, giving them optimal results and effective training programs tailored to any standard or physical condition.

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  • sc-seniors-fitness

    Senior’s Fitness

    The older adult population is one of the fastest growing demographics in the Personal Training market, and having the ability to train and advise senior clients will be an invaluable tool to propel your client base to the next level.

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  • sc-youthfitness

    Youth Exercise Trainer

    This is a course designed for exercise professionals who are enthusiastic about teaching kids fundamental life lessons in health and fitness in a fun and safe environment.

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  • sc-plan-your-gym-program

    Plan Your Gym Program

    When instructing clients on the correct technique of a new exercise, it is important to cater for all different types of learning styles. Some people learn better from watching and observing, others from listening and others from actually performing a movement and receiving feedback.

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  • sc-goniometric-assessment

    Goniometric Assessment

    This course is designed specifically to enable you to identify proper and altered joint motion and muscle lengths, correlate them to movement dysfunctions and develop a methodological strategy to develop safe and effective strategies for training your clients.

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  • sc-muscle-testing

    Manual Muscle Testing

    The Manual Muscle Testing online course will provide you with the fundamental knowledge to effectively understand the scientific rationale and application for muscle strength assessments, through the use of manual muscle testing as part of an integrated assessment process.

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  • sc-corrective-exercise-trainer

    Corrective Exercise Trainer

    This is a comprehensive course designed to teach fundamental corrective exercise techniques, understand components of comprehensive solutions and develop the practical knowledge to adopt integrated strategies to improve common movement impairments.

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  • sc-positional-isometrics

    Positional Isometrics

    This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to be able to use activation techniques of positional isometrics within corrective exercise programs with detailed instructional videos on how to perform positional isometrics.

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  • sc-strecth

    Neuromuscular Stretching

    The Neuromuscular Stretching course will provide you with the knowledge and rationale for the use of neuromuscular stretching as a muscle lengthening technique within a corrective exercise program.

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  • sc-balance

    Integrated Balance Training

    This course will teach you the fundamentals and importance of balance and stability of the kinetic chain and how to build and implement balance-training progressions into integrated programs for elite athletes and personal training clients.

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  • sc-flexiblity

    Integrated Flexibility Training

    This course explores a variety of stretching techniques including static, neuromuscular, self-myofascial, active, and dynamic, designed to improve performance and decrease the risk of injury.

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  • sc-intergrated-core

    Integrated Core Training

    By integrating a core-training program you will be incorporating all the components necessary to achieve optimum performance for your clients including (strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and power). This course focuses on the fundamental concepts and training methods of core stabilisation and design dynamic core stabilisation programs.

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  • sc-group-leader

    Group Exercise Leader

    A Group Exercise Leader Certificate in conjunction with a pre-choreographed exercise to music accreditation will enable you to enter the Fitness Industry as a Pre-choreographed Group Exercise to Music Leader.

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  • sc-cardio

    Cardio for Fitness

    This Cardio for Fitness course will show you how to perform basic cardio assessments and design unique cardio training programs through the use of stage training. These programs will cater to individuals from beginners to advanced clientele and will enable you to design programs for specific needs.

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  • sc-intergrated-training

    Integrated Resistance Training

    This course unlocks the secrets behind designing safe and effective resistance training programs. As a resistance specialist you will be armed with a systematic approach to training methods, exercise selection and modification to build strength programs for any level of client.

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  • sc-Integrated-Reactivity

    Integrated Reactivity (Plyometric) Training

    This comprehensive course provides students with an understanding of the physiological principles and Real-life applications of power training, helping them to properly assess clients and design progressive, integrated power training programs for a variety of goals.

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  • sc-performance-enhancement

    Performance Enhancement Trainer

    This course is designed for exercise professionals looking to build their profile within the market with clients who are looking to boost their performance in any sport from social to professional level.

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  • 800_wide---SC

    Weight Loss Trainer

    With a growing epidemic of obesity and an ever increasing desire to lose weight, this is the ideal course for Personal Trainers who want to expand their business and be the ‘go to’ trainer for weight loss clients. You will be armed with the secrets to long term weight loss success.

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  • sc-healthy-eating

    Healthy Eating for Exercise

    This course will provide you with an overview of nutrition and the role it plays in health and fitness. During this course you will learn about healthy eating and the role you play as a fitness professional in providing advice to your clients.

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